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The Shire of Hartshorn-dale organizes several different events. Check the shire calendar for dates and additional information.

Nova Schola: A day of teaching and learning. Geared towards letting people try something new. Nova Schola normally takes place during the month of March.

St. Sebastian's Faire: Our spring archery event featuring a roving range, practice range and novelty shoots.

Scottish Irish Festival and Highland Games: A weekend demo/event held at Green Lane park in northern Montgomery County.

Sundered Shields and Masked Measures: A one day event combining a fighting tourney and a masked ball. The event features fighting, fencing, thrown weapons, and archery, with an extensve dayboard and a masked ball.

Shire Commons: An informal event sometimes hosted with the Barony of Bhakail or other local groups, the Commons is a free day of fighting, fencing, and feasting (potluck).